Gordon Hall

Gordon Hall & Michael Moskow

Member of board of trustees, Maine state board, CLF Ventures, Cabot Society Member since 2000 — Marblehead, MA

In 2016, CLF launched the Senior Fellows program with support from two longtime and generous supporters, Gordon Hall and former Board of Trustees Chair Michael Moskow. The Senior Fellows program allows lawyers, paralegals, engineers, scientists, journalists, and other seasoned professionals who are transitioning into retirement or coming out of a career break to donate their expertise to support CLF’s mission. Gordon recently announced that he would bequest $1 million to the Hall-Moskow Fund in support of the Senior Fellows program. Gordon’s bequest pledge opens the path to securing the long-term future of this important new program.

“When I joined the Board of Trustees, one of my first questions was how such a small group could achieve such enormous results – the cleanup of Boston Harbor, saving Mt. Greylock, to name a few. And then I met John Pike, a retired Ropes and Gray partner, who was putting in many hours each week as a pro bono attorney. When you have many John Pikes, you are enabling CLF to initiate and move many cases along that we couldn’t do otherwise. My longtime friend and former CLF Board Chair Michael Moskow and I have supported the Senior Fellows program through the Hall-Moskow Fund for the past five years, and we are thrilled by the results. I am pleased to help ensure the long-term viability of this program through my estate plans, and thank these volunteers from the bottom of my heart.”